Intel FPGAs with Integrated High-Performance Data Gonverters


Conventional analog and RF signal processing requires discrete analog components to convert analog signals to baseband. Power hungry interfaces and antenna sharing present challenges to effective scaling. Furthermore, the push for complete digital transformation has placed increased demand for extreme flexibility, more independent beams and finer beam width. Intel® FPGAs with integrated data converter technology offer a high degree of flexibility, DSP capability, and scalability across multiple factors including the number of antennas, frequency bands, bandwidth, etc. providing analog/RF system designers with higher performance, lower power consumption, smaller footprint and a common front-end across the RF spectrum.


Heterogeneous FPGAs for Different Applications

Heterogenous integration via EMIB (Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge) chiplet interconnect technology and the open standard AIB (Intel's Advanced Interface Bus) enables integration of high-performance analog converter chiplets regardless of process node, foundry, or IP provider with Intel® FPGA programmable logic fabric in a single package. These technologies allow any number of advanced ADC/DAC technologies to be combined with the ideally matched FPGA fabric and processing chiplets to create solutions with varying analog, direct digitization, and compute capabilities that are more application-optimized than the alternatives.



Military and Government

The high sample rate of the data converter provides the Radar and Military systems with high instantaneous bandwidth-a requirement for applications including receiving & jamming, reconnaissance, and beamforming.


Test and Measurement

This technology offers Direct RF capability,which could provide a smaller footprint from reduced analog system components, lower latency, and lower power, thus offering a major advantage for high-end test equipment with lower SWaP and higher performance.



Wireless Communication

With integrated ADC/DAC technology for FPGA's and the possibilities of future product variants with different data converters via our chiplet integration strategy, this technology is well poised to add new capabilities to the Wireless ecosystem.